Dad: Summer Cool Down

Henry has a love-hate relationship with the water.  Loves tubby time; hates getting his head or hair wet.  Loves a cool drink of ice water; hates when he dribbles a little  and his shirt gets wet.  Is fascinated by a stream or waterfall; doesn’t want to go near it.  Being the supportive parents we are, we decided it was time for “swim” classes.  Ok, WE didn’t really decide; when we discovered his best buddy Jack was taking swim classes, it seemed like a no brainier to sign Henry up as well.

These aren’t really swim classes as much as they are water\pool introduction sessions; no real instruction but more of just an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the pool and the concept of buoyancy.  Essentially Mom and Dad get into the pool and hold their kid and, in Henry’s case, try to persuade him this is a very fun activity.  Henry eventually warmed up to the pool a little but we spent a good portion of this July weekends holding a wet boy while listening to his “No, No, No” cries echoing throughout the pool room.  Sure, we got a few “what are you doing to your child” stares but we think it was a positive outcome.  Heck, at the least it was a different way to kill an hour of weekend parenting time.

Luckily, Henry really loved the post-swimming activities;  which included watching some beach volleyball and even a little time in the racquetball courts.

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4 responses to “Dad: Summer Cool Down

  1. I taught Lynn, Jess, and Kristen to swim with their head out of the water & to keep their face & hair dry. So what is the problem???

  2. I can hear it now – Henry’s next favorite word will be – dive, dive, dive……..

  3. Beach volleyball, huh? You’re going to have to keep an eye on that young fella.

  4. Of course I LOVED the racquetball free running & screaming event.
    Water scares me (just don’t tell Henry)

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